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Improved Looting


Improved Looting

Improved Looting is here another bring up to date fuelled by your feedback through the RuneScape Beta.With a single just click, bring up the new, customisable loot window and grab all things in the surrounding area that meets the criteria.This has the potential for you to significantly change how you participate in, so we've given you the option to use old-style looting, if you prefer.


How to Use Improved upon Looting


The improved looting mechanics are fired up by default, and you can customise these through the Game Settings software. If you'd rather stick to the previous loot mechanics, this is also which you could toggle them off.


Simply left-click a piece of loot and the new looting user interface will open. It will accumulate and display all loot that you're eligible to pick up. Then, you can click individual items to transfer them to your book bag, or click 'Loot All' to grab every thing.To customise the Loot program, first go to the Game Adjustments interface, then click the fresh 'Loot Options' button.


This enables you to toggle the recover the cash interface entirely (default on), toggle area looting (default off) and also toggle right-click activation of the Loot program (default off).This is also where one can set up custom loot standards. This lets you set a minimum money value and various categories -- 'herblore items,' 'prayer items,Ha etc.which can be ticked in any combination you wish. Selecting some of these will add a 'Loot Custom' button towards the Loot interface, which will pick-up any items which meet the criteria you have set.


Note that the Loot interface cannot be used in most minigames, and that area looting requires distinctive line of sight to the item in question.Also, certain items such as those specifically related to missions cannot be picked up through the Recover the cash interface. You can pick up this kind of items in the old way by right-clicking them, as long as right-click activation will be turned off.

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