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Important information about RuneScape in Spain

Nov-12-2016 PST

Why are we in a position to stop supporting the Spanish version lurking?


While another versions lurking are economically viable, unfortunately the Spanish version never reported gains.


In short, look for it more costly to produce and support because version when compared with gain we've out of this, so, as being a company, we aren't in a position to justify its maintenance.


Will I keep a position to own fun with my Axeso5 account?


We have a very good relationship with Axeso5 and we'll continue coping with them until we cancel the service. They will be able to continue to register to RuneScape employing their Axeso5 account, however, once they do the equipment will redirect those for that worlds in English.


I bought membership to look for the Spanish version lurking. Are they vulnerable to give me back the money?


We cannot make refunds inside the memberships acquired, but sometimes use those to stay in the hand the English, German, French or Brazilian Portuguese versions.


In addition, by way of compensation, we'll provide you with 30 days of more membership to all or any accounts that have been acquired through Axeso5 or other payment methods.


How long will the service continue in Latin American Spanish?


From the day inside the date ignore translations will probably be made for that Spanish version lurking. The servers will close on November 3, 2014. One inside the Jmods will still provide support for that community within this transition period.


Are you vulnerable to translate another Jagex products into Spanish and provide support inside the Spanish-speaking regions?


We will consider translating other Jagex games around the case-by-case basis. Therefore, once the game warrants it, we'll translate it.


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