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If there is one mailboxe in Runescape world

May-29-2013 PST

I have an idea. If every Runescape players have a their own mailbox. So we can write to every missing players. In this mail you can add a payment system. We can through the postman transfer email Peter. Your mail icon will flash, notice you have new mail. Outside each house to set up a small box, it will be a perfect idea.

1, Members only

2, you have to have a house to set up email in runescape

3, when you have the email, there will be a message to inform you

4. Each level will have a different email address

5, you can send email, and like in your home, from any bank charge belong to your mail

6, you can receive email will have a limited number of PPL and sent to your friends list. The mail will be set to out of date, and back to its place.

7, you can buy a small one or two GP card send emails during the holidays or special events. Or if jagex want earn Runescape gold for the player and his friends custom template. You can buy some from the price of the following:

Common Card 100 gp

The color (blue, deep red, green, gold, yellow, etc.) is 500 Runescape gp

Fancy card (with the color of the border, the Christmas tree, etc.). 2500 RS GP

Holiday card 5 k Runescape gp

Custom card (fully customizable (you can have it says: "merry Christmas, you good friend, John." selected the color of the Christmas tree, etc.) 10 k Runescape gp+ additional.

8, in order to be able to send a gift or a special festival activities

9. Let's use the affiliated in Catherby bank account.