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Hurry to join the first day of Super September

Sep-02-2013 PST

Announced earlier this week that the September every day, we will add a new super challenge challenge system list of daily challenges. The challenge today is: miracle recovery, triggered on September 1, 2013, 10 signs of recovery. You only have one day time to complete the challenge, so fast - you won't get a second chance! When the super September began to run, you will also receive the X2 XP (town) X1.25 XP to finish your daily challenges.


Each super challenge, will reward you with XP and continuous super hero can see the part of the active, and super hero as the theme of the reward, it can be finished in every five challenges. For those who seek fame, farmyard manure wild "and" bulldog "super challenge, there will be a table HISCORE, the last 1 week. The table on the top 1000, received a special award.


Behind this week's trivia video MOD osborne, tell us why we let the wear lycra, destruction of farm animals, or eat a banana nearly fatal, not strange. Average defense osborne, a weekend, or a super key elements of the September? You decide!