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How to join the design of RuneScape Vistas


How to join the design of RuneScape Vistas

Extended the draw short is a HTML5 will appear new features, so we think we will attention this month from characters, monsters and gods, more on the landscapes. We want you to 'close' and show you the wonderful, we will see in Runescape 3 rich world of Gielinor.

Whether or not you is part of the HTML5 beta, we want to see your work! Use your imagination: for your favorite place to give advice. Maybe you have great ideas about dwarf tree city, want to design a scene in the wilderness, or do you want to create an epic picture. We will, as always the champion and runner-up for us set up some great prizes. You will come?

Due date: on May 30, 2013

Rules: is your own design, no copy! No screenshots! Maximum minimum resolution: 1280 x 720 px, size: 2 MB, Accepted formats: JPG, PNG, Gif, use Email send your work to us, and enter your user name and title.


RuneScape concept art print - signed by our artists' Feedback from one of our concept RuneScape artists, RuneScape Gold

Two runners - up:

200 RuneCoinsLast month 's Players' Gallery competition theme idea came from one of you (Twitter name: RunescapeHumor) so if you have a great idea or the suggestion, don' t hesitate! Get in touch with us, either on forums or by tweeting with the hashtag.

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