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How to get the top ace in Runescape

Nov-06-2013 PST

A game of Cards are great!People of all ages can sit down and enjoy a good card games together, few are as popular and well known top ace.Fantastic top ace, though, they have an obvious lack of Gielinor...Up to now!


In winning mobile partnership, we launched the first top ace card package, Runescape theme "the monster" Runescape.However, there are so many great men to choose from, we need your help, and to determine who will appear in our top trump CARDS.Selected 15 words CARDS by Runescape team would be equipped with in the package, but the rest of the 15 sites will be down to your vote.


More than 30 monsters in a member's vote, 15 days every day in the future.Winners will make it our top ace deck, and the losers will leave suppress in a pool of envy.This weekend's epic choice is: Thalassus and Strykewyrm jungle.The vote by clicking on the matching name now!Once the investigation is over, we will release all the winners.


I wish you good luck and good shots! More top ace info you can find from