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How to get The Lamp of the Djinn

Jun-17-2013 PST

Tonight, you can get what you seen the most powerful light in Runescape. Get The Lamp of The Djinn, and rub a rub it, all of your 25 skills will get extra XP!

Tonight at 1 a.m. BST, you'll find all sorts of new items up for grabs. You can use these lights components assembled into genie lamp. You can also find them in the game fell. There are five different types of lights, you will need to find three matching parts - pot, handle, spout - each assembly. Once that is done as you'd expect - friction XP will give you a new bulb. These lights is the most special, you have the opportunity to choose five skills. Choose one of them, you will receive a great piece of XP - and a few other 4 skills of XP.

The lamp and related skills of five varieties are: gul: construction, national defense, Herblore, mining and logging. Yves litvinenko: cooking, Firemaking, hunter, killer and strength. Marid: attack town, farming, forest, fishery thieves. Silas, "constitution", the magic, prayer, Runecrafting and call. And arts and crafts: agile Vetal, remote and forging.

Gather all five fairy lights, combined with their bottled elves created amazing lamp huge spirit. Bottled faerie appear special screaming wealth. Once you get the huge spirit, knead a lamp, it will give you a healthy dose of XP in all 25 skills. In addition, you still have a chance to win a complete upon our web site is The Lamp of The Djinn. Can be traded with other players for any lamp accessories, you may be lost, so mix and match with your friends, to complete your lamp collection and strengthen, more and more close to the incredible 25 XP gain skills.

Please note: you can only between players and The players with The same amount The Lamp of The Djinn accessories to change other The Lamp of The Djinn accessories.

The Lamp of The Djinn, bottled elves and The Lamp of The Djinn accessories from June 14, 2013 00:00 GMT until June 24, 2013 23:59 GMT went on sale. After that, you would be deal with, until the end of June headlights accessories, they disappear from the game. Everyone has at least one spin wealth screaming every day, and can earn more through the game. Click here to find out how. If you want to learn more, you can visit our website!