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How to deal Grotworm and dragonkin an artifact

May-26-2013 PST

Each phase of the QBD HP after the loss, you cannot attack QBD, then need to open Dragonkin an artifact into the next phase, every second of delay will have a Grotworm, Grotworm HP is very high, will attack with magic, will accumulate a lot of damage in the long term, is the most terrible of Grotworm will disturb you walk a increase to escape the fire waves of difficulties.

Coping skills: open Dragonkin as soon as possible an artifact, deal with Grotworm tank only. In addition to teach you a little skill, Grotworm can absorb the demons of the energy, the phase4 hatred spirit energy of damage is very high, can't absorb all a hatred spirit, reliable Grotworm rough skin absorption.

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