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How to Play

Mar-21-2016 PST

You’ll get 100 basic tools on log-in, each day with the Heart of Gielinor. Should you miss any, you can start using them around the later days with the event.


Use the gear to teleport for that location within the new God Wars dungeon, the Heart of Gielinor, to get stuck in for that new community event. The skills change each day at 00:00 UTC, so make sure that you return each day to discover what they are!


Speak to Ajjat from entrance for that new God Wars Dungeon if you’d like a full run-down of how the marriage works. Unfortunately, free-to-play accounts won't be capable of getting acquainted using the Heart of Gielinor event.


Train the adventurers each day to earn combat XP, or build statues using varying skills, to boost your personal and community contribution and unlock unique rewards. To do this, you’ll need tools, which you can get from Treasure Hunter or possibly your day-to-day log-in. You can also buy small (30) and huge (100) tool packs from Ajjat along with the Loyalty Points store – around 10 of each.


Golden tools – which give 25 times the contribution, together with 25 times the XP when the skill is 50 or even more and ten times when the skill is below – may be won on Treasure Hunter.


Tools use whichever skills are active on on that day, and may be used 5 times before breaking. There will be several skill open to train with the event; 2 round the first day and 3 just about every day. Golden tools will be utilized first.


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