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How the keeper of the runescape world begin to work

Aug-31-2013 PST

In the latest winner podcasts, MODS osborne and Rowley discussed under a primary pursuit and the door to the world how will begin to work. It has already formed a podcast you don't want to miss the secret was discovered in the future. This podcast into the depth of the door of a mysterious world, through the different RACES of Gielinor, Runescape what it means to the future.


Don't forget, you can always move into RuneRadio 9:00 a.m. on Thursday afternoon, BST (5:00 PM est), if you want to be the first to learn the secret Runescape. In addition, if you have already missed the previous podcast again or want to listen to their views, you can always go to the Podbean or iTunes to listen to the Mod's soothing voice. To listen to them carefully and find out the mystery of the find out through the door to the world!