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How is OSRS Mobile going to work

Aug-17-2017 PST

Nearly one month ago since Jagex had announced that OSRS mobile was coming into bera later this year. Fortunately, now we can see how is OSRS Mobile going to work.


OSRS Mobile Controls

OSRS mobile controls will be similarly to webpage version with left-clicks to perform actions and right-clicks to create menus of actions.


OSRS Mobile Keyboard

OSRS mobile keyboard will automatically appear when you select a text entry field including the chat window.


OSRS Mobile Main Game Screen Interface

In OSRS mobile version, chat window will be hiden. When collapsed you can see much more of the game.


OSRS Mobile Weekly Game Updates Continue

Weekly Game Updates will continue in OSRS mobile version the same as webpage version.


OSRS Mobile Compatibility

The main operating systems including Android and IOS, a plethora of processors, graphics processors and amounts of memory are the key problem to consider. And the most commonly used devices wiil the top key point to consider.


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Rsgoldfast Team