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How Luck Rework and Four Runescape Luck Enhancing Items

Mar-29-2017 PST

This week, Jagex has started on Runescape Luck rework, which imapcts your chance drop from Slayer, bosses, clue scrolls and others.Luck is a hidden stat that impacts your chance of benifiing from rare drops from Slayer, unique drops from bosses, clue-specific rewards from clue scrolls, favourable skilling procs (see below)

How Does Luck Work?

Luck-enhancing items now divide into four tiers. Tiers 1-3 affect content specific to certain level ranges while Tier 4 affects content of all levels, along with some extra benefits of its own.

Tier 1 affects Level 1-50 Slayer monsters, easy clues and bosses, such as KBD and Giant Mole, which increases chance to access the rare drop table

Tier 2 affects Level 51-80 Slayer monsters, medium clues, the skill (include Mining Gems, Jewelled statuettes and tradeable Sceptre from Pyramid Plunder, Opening Shade chests and Flash Powder Factory rubble searching) and bosses such as Chaos Elemental, Kalphite Queen, Exiled Kalphite Queen, God Wars Dungeon 1 (not Nex), Barrows and Dagannoth Kings, which not only increases chance to access the rare drop table, but also receive better loot from it

Tier 3 affects Level 81-99 Slayer monsters, hard clues, high-level skill (include Rare drops from Elf City pickpocketing, increased chance of Black Ibis outfit and improve loot from kingly implings and chance of Sceptre of the Gods) and bosses such as Queen Black Dragon, Nex, God Wars Dungeon 2 (not Telos), Kalphite King and Corporeal Beast, which is a further chance to access the rare drop table, and to receive better loot from it.

Tier 4 affects all Slayer monsters, all skilling, elite clues, and lower and bosses such as Angel of Death, Telos, Raids, Rise of the Six, Vorago, Araxxor/Araxxi and All lower-tier bosses, which further increase chance to access the rare drop table, to receive better loot from it, and to receive certain unique drops.

Four Runescape Luck Items

Ring of Luck is only craftable by members, it can be bought and used by free players.

Ring of Wealth is the existing ring of wealth, with new stats and its luck effects updated to the new Tier 2 set.

Ring of Fortune is required to cut onyx and make an onyx ring is now 72 Crafting. This item take the place of the Ring of Stone in the Crafting skill.The existing ring of stone is unchanged, but is now a drop from TzHaar and TokHaar. Luck of the Dwarves requires a new material – alchemical onyx – created via the Invention skill.

What's more, the existing Luck Items, such as Collector's Insignia, Luck Potion, Leprechaun Hat, Lucky rabbits foot and Vecna skull, works as different tiers of items.

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