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High level skilling updates with elders and crystal tree

Oct-08-2013 PST

Only members, tired of the magic tree cut down?By ivy annoyed?It feels like to hit sawmill sparse inside hua? If this sounds like you, so don't worry, because there are two branches of new trees the woodcutter most worthy of this month.


The elder tree (available at level 90 logging) rare old logs can be cut down, it is used in a variety of skills training activities.Please the old and new shortbows shieldbows (level 60-65 - run) to the viewer skills (level 90 and 95 respectively) and your arrows feather, even burning great Firemaking XP (90).You can sell them, of course, this will be a great new way to the woodcutter, to earn valuable GP.


The woodcutter crystal tree was also cut 94 level.These trees can never be completely cut off, but they have sprouted in the crystal formation around in the game when we get the best rate of logging XP burst!You need to chase them, though.Some surprise elven eyes players found along the way, break opportunities, ShuiJingJing hole, it can contain precious stones, crystal seeds or crystal triskelions.


The behavior of these trees is slightly different, so new tactics and cooperation in the game, they will need to create get the most out of.We also increased the level of dark bow to 70 (and its corresponding statistics), so it is still the best shieldbow RuneScape. To find where to buy the cheapest runescape gold from