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Help you get the event that will happen next

Jul-19-2013 PST

Would you like to help us to shape the future update Runescape? Mod Maz look forward to you in the creation of a new task of Daemonheim focus for help, will put your ideas in our under this topic!

Podcasting: this week's podcast community team have some special guests, so, on July 19th (Friday) adjusted to 9 PM BST RuneRadio for more information! If you missed this week's radio, you can check out the archive, here or on iTunes episode (and all previous plot) soon.

Jamandy52 RuneZone, war held community is the soul of an interesting event on Saturday, July 20, complete special DJ entertainment from RuneRadio DJQuakyz! Look at their BBS theme more time and the world. Do you think you're a master farmer? RuneHQ just kicked off the new skilling competition, this will test the player fingers and environmental protection. Take a look at this BBS theme, find out how you can get into the game of the week.

Sal state has released their community communication first. Congratulations to all involved! You can check out the first issue, here summary of sal border communities around the latest news. Tip. It has issued guidelines for a convenient meat task, the recently released home the bacon. You can find it here. Rune recently added a bunch of new BBS part, where people can update their website all aspects of the proposal. Check it out and to participate in!

Appropriately named jal, this cute pencil illustrations ENT oak oak is presented and the feathered friends. Sad story inspired from her diary in the overview, WachiSan TV picture this great holy Skinweaver images. If you want to see (or submitted) more great fan art RUNESCAPE, you must go to the deviantART community. This is a great place to share your works and techniques with other like-minded artists.

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