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Hati Skoll and Fenrir Blood Dyes

Jan-18-2016 PST

This week, Mod Timbo offers his recommendation on the way to begin on prime within the spick-and-span Fenrir fight during this year’s visit of the legendary Fremennik wolves.


Stay the course for Mod Marx’s preview of the gorgeous and rare Blood Dyes that have created it into the sport via RuneLabs. need to appear cool in crimson? begin pounding those Treasure Trails!


Player Power space It’s time to vote!


Today marks the start of the pick section for the approaching Player Power space. currently that your suggestions are collated, head in game and appearance for the poll which will confirm that location are going to be further to Gielinor.


After polling has determined your winner in a very week’s time, it’ll then be over to you guys to start out suggesting the content that you just need to fill this space with. Keep the power flowing!


Podcast Invention one hundred and one


Mods MattHe and Moltare took to the airwaves to speak regarding the apace approaching new talent, Invention, and what you wish to grasp to urge on the trail to inspiration.


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