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Halloween Event At Deaths Door

Nov-08-2016 PST

At the gates of Death is this year's Halloween event, and you can start playing it in RuneScape right now.


Help Death to repel the ghosts that have invaded your home. To avoid dying of the fright and to make disappear the ghosts, you must make use of a equipment cazafantasmas specialized.


Earn points and trophies that you can then exchange for PE lamps, equipment that deals extra damage to ghosts, ability to cremate bones in a bonfire in exchange for PE in Prayer and Fire Dominance, and more.


Read on to find out all the dark details!

At the gates of death


Meet with Dwarf next to the magnetite of Burthorpe, and will send you to the house of the Death.


When you arrive, you will discover that Death is besieged by a group of ghosts, freed by Melzar the Mad, and unable to exorcise them herself.


It will give you a protoequip, the latest technology in Ghostbusters, and you can start getting rid of your pesky guests.


Examine the furniture and the ghosts will begin to manifest. But be careful: every hit you get, will increase your fear meter, visible in the minigame window.



If the fear meter reaches 100%, you will return running alongside Death and you will lose 20 of the reward points that it cost you so much.


You can reduce the fear gradually if you go to a moonlit area, or using comforting objects that you will find in the coffers that houses the house.


Some ghosts are stronger than others, and some have special abilities more insidious than others, but the more powerful they are, the more points they bestow. See the Spectropedia available through the minigame window for more information.


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