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Halloween Event 2016

Nov-04-2016 PST

Meet up with your old pal Dr Fenkenbrain within the Halloween portal and consult with him to begin.


Lend the doc a hand (plus all probability more parts inside you too) in the event you work to create a replacement for his failed zombies.


There are four activities to know every day – body-part sorting, driving a conveyor belt employing a bicycle, divine entanglement and generator charging.


The doc assures us that any deaths that may occur will probably be safe ones – so have fun!



Helping to create the monster will help you get grey matter you can use to buy Halloween-themed rewards from Dr Fenkenbrain.


These provide a lightning rod hat, a creeptastic pet too because the “Mad Professor” title.


Upon the very first completion of this year’s event, additionally, you'll be rewarded with last year’s Halloween emotes and music, in the event you missed those.


You can continue this year’s event as much in the event you like to earn more grey matter, however, you'll generate the most on the very first completion every single day. Note that the concluding stage just in case also only occurs on the very first completion inside the day.

Mechanical Spider Pet Hunt


When you’re done, explore the area outside of Fenkenbrain’s lab to locate eight parts of a mechanical spider pet. Assemble them and you’ll be capable of purchase the pet inside the event’s reward shop.


This event will run for just two main main weeks until update on November 7th.


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