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Guilty plea in RuneScape hack and virtual things sale

Dec-10-2013 PST

A 21-year-old United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland man was charged with 2 counts of unauthorised pc access once pleading guilty to hacking RuneScape accounts, stealing virtual things from players of the favored role-playing game, so mercantilism the computer game product to different players for real cash.


Steven Burrell, of Northampton, same he was seeking to pay off gambling debts, in keeping with a report, however instead he earned  himself twelve months of community service, one hundred fifty hours of unpaid work and a roughly £150 fine. He was additionally forced to show over 2 computers, on that databases and password-cracking computer code were discovered.


Burrell accessed and changed one zero five player accounts on three,872 occasions throughout the course of a 16-month span, in keeping with the report. He same he earned  over £2,500.