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Grouping System And Balthazar Big Raffle Begins

Sep-02-2014 PST

Access the Grouping System from the Community Interface. In the Group List pane on the left-hand side, you'll see a drop-down menu of skill-based activities, minigames, and boss fights.


Each of these can be selected to be queued for on their own with the 'Join Queue' button in the middle pane - which also contains useful details such as requirements, rewards and settings.


Just want to get into some multiplayer action, or fancy a surprise? You can select 'Random Group' button and let the Grouping system choose the content for you. If there's anything in particular you'd like to exclude, just find it in the left hand pane, select it and check the 'Exclude from automatic group selection' box.


Note that this is designed to get you into a multiplayer game as quickly as possible, so it'll favour the most popular minigames at the time.


On the Group Members pane on the right-hand side (detachable, of course, for inclusion in your interface under the New Interface System), you'll see the group as it forms. When you're ready to go, click 'Ready' to transport yourself to the group leader's world. You'll also find a button to leave the group, if you wish, at the bottom of the pane.


The Group Members pane also contains controls for leaders to create and manage groups. Along the bottom you'll find icons to create a group; invite, kick or ban players; divide the group into minigame-specific team; and perform a number of Friends and Ignore-list-related functions, such as private messaging.


In Legacy Mode, we've aimed to include the Grouping System with as little impact on the style of the interface as possible. It operates in a very similar way, but is accessed via the Options menu, or an icon on the minimap. A direct link to the Group Members interface has replaced the 'Notes' stone, and Notes are now accessed via another minimap icon.


RuneScape's got a ton of unique, exciting multiplayer content just waiting to be discovered. With the Grouping System, there's no reason not to try something new - and perhaps make some friends along the way.


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