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Grotesque Guardians OSRS is upcoming

Oct-26-2017 PST

The new Gargoyle boss (Grotesque Guardians OSRS) is get ready for the upcoming. Are you ready to encounter this boss? More details are as follows.


The Grotesque Guardians


Gargoyles are one of the most popular Slayer assignments to receive. They're a true milestone in the skill, and are a lucrative task to complete. By introducing a new slayer boss available at level 75, not only do we bring a bit more excitement to a Gargoyle task, but we can provide our community with the sustainable, mid-level Slayer boss that you have requested in the past. And legends say these Grotesque Guardians sit lifelessly, crumbling; disfigured by this corrosion. For hundreds of years, the truth has remained elusive until recently, when speculation begun to arise about a lost entrance to the Slayer Tower’s roof.


The updated Grotesque Guardians OSRS has the pet. The pet dropped from the new boss will be a scaled down version of the two bosses, the pet will have an option to switch between the two bosses.


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