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Grab some out of this world starfury armour this weekend on Treasure Hunter


Grab some out of this world starfury armour this weekend on Treasure Hunter

From 00:00 UTC on tenth September till 23:59 UTC on 15th September, gather things to craft and upgrade 3 sets of RS Gold armour – one for every combat vogue - from Treasure Hunter, mining or trade.

They can be improved up to level seventy, they do not degrade, and – in fact – they give the impression of being pretty darn spectacular:

Starfury weapons can even be obtained, if you incomprehensible  them after they last appeared.

Read on for a lot of details, and begin bedecking yourself in firmament-shaming garb.


How to Get Starfury Armour

First up, you'll have visible radiation ore. this could be won on Treasure Hunter, obtained by mining regular rocks (but not from the visible radiation D&D) and listed on the Grand Exchange or directly between players.

Click on the ore to make starfire armour or weapons. every of the 3 armour sets has six items, and every one starfire gear are often switched between level one and level forty stats. each you produce grants you Smithing XP resembling the ore spent.


The ability to craft the armour unlocks step by step because the six days glide by. Weapons will all be crafted from the start:

10th September: boots & gloves
11th September: head and legs
12th September: chest
13th September: cape

Note that all days start at 00:00 UTC (game time) and that each item can be crafted from date of unlock until the ore is removed after 28th September.


If you favor, you'll be able to exchange visible radiation ore directly for Smithing or Mining XP – up to ten,000 items per day. To do so, speak to Ivar within the Artisans' Workshop.

You can conjointly collect starborn diamonds via identical ways because the ore (although they are much rarer), or by changing visible radiation ore. they are wont to upgrade your starfire gear to the improved starfury versions. To do so, use a starborn diamond on the item to be upgraded.


This confers a variety of benefits:

Highest stat tier unlatched (level seventy demand, non-degrading).
Improved look.
1500 Mining XP per item upgraded.
Armour will delay depletion of the Seren Stones in Prifddinas once mining there, permitting prolonged coaching per stone.
The cloak acts like Ava's Accumulator, if you have unlatched it.
Armour items act confer the advantages of their equivalent golden mining suit piece, if you have unlatched them.


Please note:

every item are often created and upgraded just once.
Starfire and starfury armour and weapons at level seventy have slightly lower stats than Barrows armour, though they are doing not degrade.
man players will acquire starfire or starfury weapons and armour, however will solely use the versions with level one stats, and can't like the Ava's Accumulator and golden mining suit effects.
you've got till 23:59 UTC on the twenty eighth of September to expend any visible radiation ore or starborn diamonds, once that they'll disappear from the sport.

Treasure Hunter could be a minigame – playable from at intervals RuneScape - wherever players use Keys to assert in-game things as prizes. These vary from helpful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.


Playing Treasure Hunter is straightforward – click the chest icon that pops up after you log in. If you have not contend before, simply follow the on-screen guide.

Everyone gets a minimum of one Key per day, and RuneScape members get 2. you'll be able to earn a lot of Keys whereas enjoying the sport, or top off by redeeming Bonds.


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