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Gods and NPCs that you have never seen for Gallery of players


Once thought of as when the Evil Bob is not in the plotting how to catch up with the Runescape world is doing? Or want to know Zamorak  how to use his remaining time to complete his deeds? General Graardor may crush your skull in GWD, but when he was at home, he may want to enjoy a cup of tea. God and their mighty men show their serious face in front of the public, but let's look around without people how do they get up.

This month we'd like you to show us Runescape NPCS and god when they laid down their own social masks in what to do. Maybe they just want to read a book, or go to the party Falador. Maybe they all meet Jagex headquarters, for a cup of coffee on the way home. Let loose your imagination! Drawing, cartoons, sculpture, arts and crafts... Welcome all kinds of visual arts.

Deadline: April 29, 2013

A new prize!

Champion:Concept art printing RUNESCAPE - signed by our artists, from one of our concept artist RUNESCAPE feedback, 500 Runescape Gold

Runner-up: 200 Runescape Gold

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