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Goblin and Dwarven Tech Tree Update


Goblin and Dwarven Tech Tree Update

Progress around the revitalised Dwarven and Goblin tech trees by completing tasks via new notice boards that have place their hands up inside the Invention Guild, Keldagrim Palace furnace room and Oldak’s lab in Dorgesh-Kaan.

Invention Notice Board


Completing a task will reward you with either Dwarven or Goblin currency which you'll want to spend to advance while using the tiers inside the tech trees, unlocking fantastic new blueprints for devices as you go.


Tasks might be accepted when using the Invention noticeboards. You can have 5 active at anyone time. New tasks generate every 12 hours and typically can include handing in components and parts or building basic items and gizmos.


There is not a 20 level penalty when unlocking devices round the tech tree that you aren't aligned to. However, alignment to a particular tech-tree gives you 50% more currency when completing its relevant tasks e.g. inside the event you align to Goblin tech (because you’re sick and twisted) then

completing Goblin tasks will help you obtain 50% more Goblin currency and increase your progress.


Hand in your completed tasks and earned currency within the noticeboards to just accept next procedures in Dwarven and Goblin technology!


Please note - discovering all inside the tech tree blueprints may well be a dependence on the standard completionist cape from Monday 30th May.

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