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Gielinorian Giving is charity event

Oct-09-2017 PST

RuneScape released Gielinorian Giving charity event on 2 October,2017. Talk about win win, What is your view in rewards donations to charities?


What is Gielinorian Giving?


Gielinorian Giving is a time limited charity event, It is until 23:59 UTC on 15 October 2017. In this event the player gathers charity tokens for Kat, Zoed, and Lau'Ra found north-west of the South-west Varrock mining site. After getting a charity token, you can exchange the mind set of warden. You can also use RuneCoins to control the guard of the mind from the previous Gielinorian Giving activity, and all proceeds will be used for charities.Associated charities with RS include: CPSL Mind, The Prince's Trust and YMCA. They will evenly distribute the proceeds.


LootScape is an all-new way


This month RS bring you LootScape, it is a new way for the RuneScape. This means that RuneScape wants to live streams.


How to linking ?


1. Login your RS account


2.Open your Twitch and add the LootScape project


3.Accept all criteria to allow RuneScape Drops access to your Twitch account


You can watch live shows on Tuesdays or Fridays in October and can ask any questions and requests.(More about LootScape) Need more Cheap RS Gold, please contact LIVE CHAT, they give you service.


Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team