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Gielinor need your and Runescape vista in Players gallery


Gielinor need your and Runescape vista in Players gallery

Accompanied by an angel of god to Gielinor recruiting loyalists represented by the god for them, and we are curious about you which god has pledged allegiance. Your outlook on life and Zamorak agree? Maybe you will support Saradomin career, or you don't choose which one god, but add no god sent. No matter you choose which a god, this is a let you explain your point of view, and gain more adventurers to support the great opportunity. We welcome your campaign posters have access to our players gallery shows in your works, and woo wavering crowd!

Deadline: June 30, 2013

Rules: no real world political or religious references! It must be your own work! No screenshots! Minimum resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels. The largest size: 2 MB. Acceptable formats: JPG, PNG, GIF. Finally to display your name and your title sent to our mailbox

The prize

Title: conceptual art printing - our artists signed RUNESCAPE. Feedback from one of our concept artist Runescape. 500 Runescape Gold.

Runner-up: 200 Runescape Gold.

Players gallery 45: Runescape vision winners: congratulations to Neitiznot won the competition and fascinating example: praise the sun!

Runner-up: two honorable mention to vividly painted in baicheng, Mosaic and their wonderful portrait RuneSpan Pomar1.

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