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Get Up To 70 Percentage Extra XP in Summer Sizzler

Jun-29-2017 PST

This week on Treasure Hunter brings Summer Sizzler. During this time, you can get 20% - 70% extra XP award from bright lamps and stars. Now, you can stock up cheap rs gold on Rsgoldfast to get the extra XP.


When will Summer Sizzler Start?


Summer Sizzler will last from 00:00 UTC on 28th June until 23:59 UTC on 3rd July, five days in total.


How does Summer Sizzler work?


Jagex has made a change on all lamps, which replaced all lamps and stars with bright lamps and stars. This week, you are able to get the award for 20% extra XP. You even can get up to 70% extra XP if you continue playing and pass thresholds to unlock more XP for 10% at a time.

What's more, you must remember that there's no benefir to hold bright lamps and stars for they only give increased XP percentage the time they won.


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