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Gemstone Dragons and Documentary Airs in Runescape on 9th April

Apr-06-2017 PST

Recently, Jagex has announced that Gemstone Dragons are ready for the slaying in RuneScape and the RuneScape Documentary is also ready on 9th April. Here we will talk about the requirements and rewards to you. Before getting the new Gemstone Dragons, you need to know some information as below:

How to start?

You need to Enter the gemstone cavern beneath Shilo Village to find the new gemstone cavern and its entrance manned by Kelhar.

Requirements of Gemstone Dragons

1. It needs 95+ level Slayer for dragonstone dragons, 98 for onyx dragons and at least 101 for hydrix dragons

2. Once you have a gemstone dragons Slayer assignment from Kuradal or Morvran, it is easy for you to go through. If not, you’ll need to pay a fee in uncut dragonstone (2 kills per gem), onyx (400) or hydrix (4000) to enter and slay the dragons therein.

3. To reach this lofty level before Menaphos, you can use wilder pie to boost Ranged by 5 and Slayer by 6. It needs 90 Cooking to make and an uncooked wild pie and ground dragonstone. What's more, the Slayer boost will not deplete for 6 minutes after the pie is eaten.

Rewards of Gemstone Dragons

Except valuable gem drops, the dragons can drop pieces of the new T80 hybrid gemstone armour, such as Dragonstone - boots & gloves, Onyx - legs & head and Hydrix - body. In addition, you can charge the armour with uncut gems to obtain the effects of the enchanted bolts. Each gem gives a certain amount of charges, such as, 10 charges for one Dragonstone, 100 charges for one Onyx and 1000 charges for one Hydrix.

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