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Gauntlet of Souls

Oct-24-2015 PST

This year's Halloween event goes live shortly Cheap RS Gold when next week's update, and Mod Ollie and Mod Avatar area unit here to require into the Underworld for a brash nose around.

Gauntlet of Souls is live from 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time (game time) on twenty seventh Oct. Full details to come back in Monday's update news – till then, watch on!

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Invasion of Falador

Mod Matthe catches up with Mod Moltare to search out out however the Invasion of Falador fares, and to find out additional concerning however the epic event and graphical update was developed.

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Have Fun!

The battle rages on in Falador, thus mire in and have a cracking weekend of combat, sabotage and sorting. See you on update day!

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