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Gain XP From Heat Wave and Buy Cheap RS Gold

Aug-05-2017 PST

Runescape Fans, pay attention! With the release of Runescape Summer Beach Party, Heat Wave was announced on Friday that it will be coming soon and grants you XP gains.


Date of Heat Waves


Heat Waves is starting on 11th August but divides into two weekends:


Heat Wave Weekend 1: 12:00 UTC, 11th August – 12:00 UTC, 14th August


Heat Wave Weekend 2: 12:00 UTC, 25th August – 12:00 UTC, 28th August


The Ways to Gain XP from Heat Wave


During this two Heat Wave Weekends, you can reset your cap to receive the 'Bronzed' or 'Sunburned' titles but no items will be required to do it. If you want, just join in the Lumbridge Crater Beach Party activities, which grants you XP gains.


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Rsgoldfast Team