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Four Bonus Boosters on Treasure Hunter

Mar-30-2017 PST

Here's a new way to play Treasure Hunter in Runescape.That is Bonus Boosters. From 00:00 UTC on 30th March until 23:59 UTC on 3rd April, you can enjoy your Treasure Hunting with four imfluence. It is activated from the new bottons on the interface.

Pay attention! After the cooldown time is ready, ou only can trigger these new buttons once each. And you can only use one booster to trigger at a time.

What does Bonus Booster do?

1. Lucky Purple Booster is to ensure that your next prize is purple category. But it only can be used one for activation.

2.Multiplier Booster can randomly boost the number of prizes you receive, up to 5x. It can be used five for activation.

3.Extrasensory Booster is to look inside the displayed chests for rarity before you choose. It can be used five for activation.

4.Prismatic Booster has any lamps and stars that you receive become prismatic. It can be used five for activation.

In addition, this booster can also grant access to a number of older, discontinued items, such as Lucky dragon full helm, Lucky dragon chainbody, Lucky dragon platebody, Lucky spectral spirit shield, Lucky arcane spirit shield, Lucky elysian spirit shield, Lucky divine spirit shield, Lucky Bandos boots, Lucky abyssal whip, Lucky dragon claws, Lucky dragon 2h sword.

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