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Find One To Start A Treasure Trail

Nov-19-2014 PST

First,there are 20 new trails to test you five on each level from Easy to Elite. The graphical user interface has been introduced current,too, in line with todays fashion and function. Reward rerolls could be gained by accomplishing a few hiking trails of the identical level. Use a reroll from within the interface to get something else if you dont like the reward you get.


Note that rerolls are level-distinct, and that youll only have the ability to maintain one of every type at any given time. Benefits are the location where the largest alter will come. Better reflecting the time spent, you should find that on average the spoils of your efforts are richer than before.


Here are some highlights, though full details of rewards can be seen on the wiki:

Trimmed amulet of rage with 10% greater statistics in comparison to the typical editin.
Effigies on Hard and Elite paths.
Incredible barrel: a fight-all set cape which causes one in three automobile-episodes to set off a magnificent explosion.
Aesthetic capes: don a sack of effigies, or the profusely perforated backstab cape.
Entertaining tools: briefcases and suitcases in major and away from-palm varieties.
Chemical dyes to improve the style of your stage 90 weaponry and armour.
Hint-omitting seats let you automatically satisfy certain specifications of Hard idea scrolls.
Decreased celebrities: improving in proportion with the trails level.


Gamer Take a look at

Its now possible to right-click yet another player and choose Examine and view a number of specifics about their figure. This includes characterclan and name, a personal message, cosmetic overrides and if they allow it certain details about their skills and gear.

You may control just how much details are presented out within your Look at display screen. Just enter the Hero click and interface My Examine. This will assist you to:
Established a standing, including Away from Keyboard.
Established your own meaning.
Pick whether or not to stop other gamers from watching your used products, fight statistics and levels of skill. Note that this is not examined automatically. You must enter the interface and check the box if you would prefer to keep this information private.

If youre looking for a quick and easy way to introduce yourself, or have ever wondered how someone achieved an exceptionally awesome outfit, these tools are sure to come in handy.


Orb of Oculus Upgrades

Our recently created Group Development Group have made a number of enhancements towards the Orb of Oculus:
Still as versatile as before, although functionality has been improved, making the orb easier and simpler to use.
The Focus, Fine and Aim modes are already eliminated.
You will no longer must wield the orb to work with it.
The user interface has become brought up to date.


If you fancy making your own RuneScape videos or taking spectacular screenshots, the Orb of Oculus is more accessible than its ever been, so give it a go. You can pick one up from Faruq in Al Kharid. Alternatively, from Ophelia in any clan theatre.