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Fight Nex in Ancient Prison lobby and buy cheap rs gold


Fight Nex in Ancient Prison lobby and buy cheap rs gold

5 days left, powerful general of Zaros: Nex will be released on August 26th. Bringing your best weapons with 2 styles to challenge Nex and get drops from coinshare.


Date and location to fight Nex


Nex is available at 8:00PM UTC, Aug.26th. Nex is the powerful general of Zaros, imprisoned in the back of the God Wars Dungeon and located in Ancient Prison lobby, world 39.


Tips to fight Nex


If you want to enter Nex's prison, you are requried a frozen key or level 70 in Agility, Constitution, Ranged, and Strength. What's more, we recommend level 85+ combat skills, Ancient ceremonial robes set to bypass 40kc and Shard of Zaros to prevent Zaros faction NPCs from being aggressive.


In order to fight Nex effectively, you should bring your best weapons fro 2 styles. Hybrid armour is best choice allowing you to switch styles without affecting your accuracy.


Anyway, now you can stock up as many runescape gold as possible to fight Nex for preparation!


Rsgoldfast Team

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