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F2P Castle Wars Release and Buy Cheap RS Gold

Jul-21-2017 PST

As before, there was a poll making Castle Wars available to the F2P community. Now after all agreed. F2P Castle Wars will release to support mini-game community. In this hot summer, Rsgoldfast provide cheap rs gold to you.


Where can you find Castle Wars?


Castle Wars is nestled in the south-western corner of Kandarin, a long way from White Wolf Mountain. If you want to get access to Castle Wars, a portal will teleport you to the Castle Wars lobby.


What rewards will Castle Wars offer?


Castle Wars in F2P will offer the same tickets as with the members variant. You will be able to purchase the decorative melee armours, hoods, and capes. Halos, decorative ranged sets, and decorative magic sets are not offered because of the accompanying stat increases.


There is other F2P content in Castle Wars, such as Zamorak robes and Amulet of Accuracy.


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Rsgoldfast Team