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Explore the Uncharted Isles find your own island paradise


Explore the Uncharted Isles find your own island paradise

Once you have earned enough chimes, the very first currency inside the Eastern Lands, you are able to invest them on Supplies in the marketplace in Waiko. Once you have enough Supplies (and meet a sum requirement – detailed above) it will be possible look around the


This might be a procedurally generated region where every voyage raises more uniquely shaped islands with random assortments of resources.


Land on any island you discover, skill, kill or chill there for a while, start to another trying to find different riches.


This takes place when the really high-level skilling will likely be discovered inside the Eastern Lands and you’ll have to continue checking Uncharted Isles through an chance to locate it.


When you find one you'll need, place a flag regarding this to save it your own permanent, private resort. Once determined, it will be possible to return to your island whenever you'll need. Perhaps you picked it because of the abundance of useful skilling resources otherwise you like the shape – it’s your

choice showing yourself regarding to find out. You can even add customisation for that new base too, including a fabulous hammock that it will be possible to use to change time.


The best islands when using the biggest riches will certainly cost one of the most of supplies to attain. Save up for part in only just as much Arc activities as you are able to and launch a voyage farther into the unknown that any ‘Scaper went before!


Remember - that's only the very first part inside the Eastern Lands expansion and even more features are planned. Stay tuned for further news inside the upcoming inclusions in this phenomenal new horizon for RuneScape. Now get exploring!


The Eastern Lands are only for exploring and it’s a clean slate to meet your requirements all. What will you discover?


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