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Explore the Arc Region


Explore the Arc Region

Now, how's obvious. It's time to go to the Eastern Lands, and I experience announcing it's developing the 25th of July.


What excites me most in regards to the Eastern Lands are these claims was an update decided by you. You come up with concept on Runelabs, you voted by using inside the Player Power Poll, which means you contributed countless ideas. Now, YOU get to understand more associated with your



And this is usually a focus inside the Arc region: exploration. Explore huge amounts of possible uncharted islands to discover selection for you. See what treasure chests, skilling resources or combat encounters are saved fot it island deciding: do you want to save this island forever?


If you must do, you'll be able to stick a flag there that's yours. If you don't, then you'll be able to go to the following.


You choose to understand more associated with three larger islands - not random, but filled with things you'll be able to do.


Waiko could be the trade hub and will be offering some brand-new skilling locations. Whale's Maw might be a new Hunter and Fishing training area, while Aminishi might be a grand temple centered on spirit dragons: a slayer monster employing a shady secret.


You'll choose four miniquests that will bring a stop for the kidnappers that started all this.


Any RuneScape member can make the journey for the Eastern Lands, so make sure that you pay a visit.


Chartering a spead boat for the Uncharted Isles requires resources, however, also to get resources, you will need level 90 in Fishing, Hunter, Slayer or Woodcutting. Make sure you have one of these to offer the power to claim your island.


This July is only the beginning, after we will travel further into the Eastern Lands in October, with Chapter Two inside the Arc.


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