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Everyone benefited from bond rmers

Oct-01-2013 PST
Bond is the key, now there are two ways for the player to access and enjoy the game with every piece of quality content.No players ever to feel left out, because they can access all game, provided they choose any kind of way - or traditional payment through the game.How could your personal benefit, to take a look at players in these different point of view:

Veterans can use their achievements in the game RUNESCAPE, their members. If you want to find out more about why bonds so important ", please check the recent development of blog from the department of defense Jacmob, who talked about inconvenient truth gold farming and green, its adverse effect on your game.

To know more about bonds - including how they benefit, decided to introduce to them, and how they work, in order to prevent "- for more information please visit the new bond information page or common problems. Personally, I think this is a very good solution, this directly to all players.Combining with the existing efforts like BotWatch, and for your help, we will wipe the gold farmers, ensure the long-term health of the game and community.