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Enhancements of Old School RS

Mar-23-2017 PST

Hi, runescape players. There are many enhancements to Old School RS. So do you would like to have a better knowledge of these improvements? Move to buy cheap RS Gold on rsgoldfast.

An additional Wines of Zamorak spawn can now be found at the actual Western Chaos Ceremony in level thirty-five Wilderness. Much like the current Wine of Zamorak spawn, you need to use telegrab in order to pick the wines up.

When underneath the effect of a Teleblock, you'll now find out how long it'll be before you teleport when you try to teleport. Previously, the actual teleblock spell’s time clock counted in moments, so the spell’s impact would be longer or even shorter depending on whether or not it was cast earlier or late within the minute. And teleblocks are now cleared whenever you enter a secure area on PvP worlds.

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