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Eleven Year Old Kid Writes Runescape Malware

Oct-12-2016 PST

When you were eleven years of age, you most likely – such as this writer – concerned yourself with a few of life's more mundane joys. Bike rides together with your friends. Perhaps a spin around the ol' Nintendo (or Super Nintendo). Homework. Stuff like that.


Oh, how times have changed.


According to a different report from AVG, kids the moment eleven are apparently brushing around the coding skills and utilizing some ingenuity to trick fellow gamers – both new and experienced – into quitting sensitive information.


The hack in your mind is an app, "Runescape Gold Hack," that allegedly promised to provide free gold to players within the popular massively multiplayer gaming. All that players necessary to do was choose the amount gold they desired to receive within the handy drop-down box and input their

password for Runescape accounts. Obviously, the gold would head straight over – but players are cautioned while using the app to, "NOT use again and again a day, as admins can become suspicious!"


Go figure, then, the malware in your mind was actually made to send one's account information onto a particular email address contact details. That current current current current current email address contact information, said AVG representatives inside the interview with BBC News, was registered

with an eleven-year-old in Canada.


"Mostly kids writing malware do something to show off for peers, by demonstrating 'hacking' ability. It could be stealing someone's game logins. This might seem trivial inside the beginning, but around the web accounts are frequently connected to charge card details allow in-game purchases, that could

also have virtual currency accounts amounting to many money," wrote AVG CTO Yuval Ben-Itzhak inside the associated article.


"Furthermore, many gamers unfortunately make use of the same login details for websites for example Facebook and Twitter, potentially putting the victim vulnerable to cyber-bullying, along with identity theft and major inconvenience," he added.


Of course, these young code-writers could also provide a bit to understand about security themselves. According to the BBC News article, researchers could find enough identifying details within the aforementioned app's source code to find the identity of said boy, including his current town cheap his

parents had recently bought him a new iPhone.


Perhaps not the best of details one wants leaking out when, er, the foremost is trying to scam gamers' accounts…


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