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Earn Reward Points in Deathmatch Event


Earn Reward Points in Deathmatch Event

Rs fans attention! This Sunday Deathmatch Event will be added into Runescape. This is a high combat for you to challenge and earn reward point.


Date and location of Deathmatch


Deathmatch is available at 9:00 UTC, 20th, Aug. and located in Northeastern part of Edgeville, outside of Deathmatch entrance, World 39.


Introduction of Deathmatch


Deathmatch is a safe player vs. player minigame that replaced the Crucible. In this match, you will be teleported to an arena to fight against up to 29 opponents and get as many kills as possible in 10 minutes.


Earn reward points in Deathmatch event


After completing the match, you can earn reward points based on how well you fight. The points can be used to buy mostly untradeable rewards according to entry-level player killing.


Anyway, now you can stock up as many rs gold as possible to get ready to Deathmatch Event!


Rsgoldfast Team

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