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Divination skills have been launched on Runescape

Aug-25-2013 PST

Membership skills - Free players can only play the first five levels. This is 26th Runescape skills - divination - right here! More than 99 level of auspicious skilling to collect a slain god's power and memory. Make a useful new signs and symptoms; Transformation of resources, in order to better harvest and rich call sacred place for you and your friends. Conquer all new HISCORE board, and out of a famous divine ends of the earth!


Ora fairweather is a pioneer in the field of divination, she is your first port of call. Lumbridge's Renault in the camp between village to find her, she'll give you a rundown skills - it's background, and specify how and where to start training. For additional help. I must have your screen active task window - it will contain a pointer to where, what to do. When you unlock new things and create divination skills, be sure to return to Olga and her colleagues to talk about. They will have more useful tips to share your level. You can also have a look at our video below skills training guide.


Divination is the collection and dissemination of the world's energy use by Guthix death and returns to god. You will develop access whereas colonies, their energy and harvest. The basic training method is visited a wisp of colony is suitable for your level and click on a lock. This will stop a wisp of mobile, and then convert it to a spring. Then, click start collecting memories and energy in the spring. Note: the spring active, for a period of time, no matter how much they harvest, and any number of people may at the same time of the spring harvest. Is there any need to worry about competition and it is always more fun, cultivation and others. Be sure to invite your friends!

Memory is not stacked project, will be in your inventory accumulation, because your spring harvest. Deposit that you will find that every last one of colony near crater, selectively converts them to divination XP. This will be your primary skill training methods. Or, you can convert them to energy, if you need more resources.


Energy is the core resources of divination skills. You can use it to create useful skills relevant to the project, and the production technology in the future. What do you collect your harvesting wisps, but you can choose your memory is converted into energy, when you deposit them in the crater, if you need more. In addition, you can use it to increase your XP conversion gain, and memories. Inventory of energy within the stack.


So, when you click on the crater, you will have three choices: experience: your memory to XP is normal, keep your energy. Choose this option, if you are looking for the skill levels of, also want to save some energy, make the goods. Enhance the experience: your energy into additional XP, but also to your memories to XP. If you just want to get XP, is this the way to go - don't forget that in order to save some energy, give gifts and other useful items, though. Energy: will your memory into energy. This option is very convenient, when you need to set up your stock energy projects. It is also important to note is that energy and memories of the three layer three layer to outside, so you should train, you can be in the highest level of a wisp of colonies.


Advantages: divination direct partner will be the new production skills, but also has a lot of things, in the meantime, you can use your collection of energy. Warning: under certain conditions the backpack transmission project automatically use and consumption. For example, a sign of recovery will heal you, when you are below 50% health. Signs: these projects are also used, when certain conditions are met, the consumption, but in a slot in the pocket, not carry in the bag. Perhaps, the most useful is the porter, automatic deposit a certain amount of project for you to collect your bank, accelerate cut bank run other acquisition skills.


Gift: these are permanent, passive divination XP and energy gain energy conversion and/or recall - each layer of the amateur, in addition to the first. As long as you can create a these, it is a good idea to do this! Holy position: this is a temporary point, can be placed anywhere in the world, the fire can light up (with the exception of big exchange). Then they can be gathered at the set time of anyone's level, to do so. A sacred place, involving mining, hunters, agriculture and logging. Please note that you can only make a sacred place, also have each player can collect any sacred places, depends on your resources limit the number of total skill level. When you put a sacred place, from five people gathered themselves together, and have a chance to make you notice they gather resources. Please note that these to your daily limit count party.


Evolution: you can use divine energy resources into a higher level of less resource. You can change into a log, such as yew logs. This is a good way to use the standby resources, to make up the supply you more expensive. Dungeons: prediction has been integrated into the town of skills. You will find that the rays and divination related skills involved six floors, you can create mark opened the door of other skills, you don't conform to requirements. There are folds of divine power being stolen and a new HISCORE table conquered - not to mention a new skillcape gain social choice of color, bling. Start training!