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Diverse Dungeons and Wilderness Slayer Master in RS 2007

Apr-02-2017 PST

Diverse Dungeons

As some creatures are moved out of Nieve's dungeon, Jagex would like to put a number of new or extended dungeons throughout Gielinor. What's more, the number of spawns will be also increased within each different dungeons.

Pay attention: the monsters in these new areas will replace those found in Nieve's dungeon and will only be killable on task.

1. Nieve's dungeon will stay in RS 2007. Here you will find the number of creatures redesighned. Furthermore, the monsters will spawn in Nieve's dungeon, such as Bloodveld, Ankou, Waterfiend, Aberrant Spectre, Hellhound, Fire Giant and Cave Kraken.

2. Black Dragons and Baby Black Dragons would be relocated to a new area in Asgarnian Ice dungeon.  However, this area is easily accesible using the nearby fairy ring but would be members only. The monsters will be spawn in Black Dragons, such as Black Dragon and Baby Black Dragon.

3. Chasm of Fire is a demon infested, three-tier dungeon found at the northern side of the Shayzien encampment, including Lesser Demons, Greater Demons and Black Demons. And this monters as above will be spawn in Chasm of Fire.

4. The metal dragons from within Nieve's dungeon would be relocated to an expanded area of the Brimhaven dungeon. The monsters will be spawn in Nieve's dungeon, such as Bronze Dragon, Iron Dragon and Steel Dragon.

5. A number of creatures from Nieve's dungeon would be relocated to the Slayer Tower. This area contains Bloodveld, Gargoyles, Nechryael and Abyssal Demon.

 6. The Kalphite area from Nieve's cave would be relocated to the Kharidian desert. The monsters will be spawn in Kalphite Hive, such as Kalphite Worker, Kalphite Soldier and Kalphite Guardian.

7. The Thermonuclear smoke devils and smoke devils found within Nieve's dungeon would be relocated to a dungeon near Eagles' Peak. In addition, This area is easily accessible via fairy rings, the Western banner teleport, Piscatoris teleport scrolls and the Tree Gnome Stronghold. But the number of spawns available within this dungeon would not change with this update.

Wilderness Slayer Master

You'll receive a whopping 25 Slayer points for each assignment you complete from this Slayer master. Wilderness-only tasks would use a separate task milestone counter. These tasks must be completed within the Wilderness - creatures elsewhere will not count towards your assignment.

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