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Dishonour Among Thieves The Latest Episode Rsgoldfast

Feb-25-2015 PST

Dishonour Among


Dishonour among Thieves is yours to play right now – the latest episode in the Sixth Age 'Stone of Jas' storyline that began with Missing, Presumed Death. Use your invitation box to head to the Empyrean Citadel, then talk to Moia to get started.


Rogues Gallery

Rogues Gallery

In Missing, Presumed Death, Sliske threw down the gauntlet to the gods, challenging them to claim the Stone of Jas: an elder artefact with world-shaping powers.

Zamorak has a plan to claim the Stone for himself – thus clawing back some of the power he lost at the Battle of Lumbridge – and he needs your help to do it. In Dishonour among Thieves, you'll help Zamorak to gather a multi-skilled team of rogues and rapscallions – all loyal to the chaos god's cause. Your mission: to swipe the Stone of Jas from under Sliske's nose. Joining you are Zemouregal, the werewolf Jerrod, the player-voted Nomad, and many more of Zamorak's faithful.

Once you've gathered your band of thieves, it's heist time. Enter Sliske's lair and use your team's unique set of skills to break in, get past the guards, and head for the ultimate prize.


Ill-Gotten Gains

You can be sure to come away from the heist with your cut:
Jerrod's cape: a mid-level, hybrid-style cape with passive thieving benefits when worn:

80% chance to note items stolen from bakers' stalls.
Triple coins and 1-3 noted gems from Rogues' Den safes
Coshing volunteers in the Thieves' Guild yield items from the rogue's pickpocket drop table.
Mask of Sliske upgrade: when worn in the head slot or carried in the pocket slot during combat, the improved Mask of Sliske will occasionally spawn an undead archer, who'll deal damage to your current target before dissipating.
Tiny Hazeel pet: the pint-sized Ardougne autocrat joins the bobble-headed ranks.
XP in Agility, Dungeoneering, Thieving and a choice of combat skills.

Keep your eyes peeled during the quest for loot chests, which can be opened for XP, coin and resource rewards. Once the quest's over, you can return to Zamorak's lair for further XP rewards in three more chests, which can be opened when all your skills exceed 50, 70 and 90 respectively.




The Guardians have been working hard prototyping and designing the new aquarium feature and we've got the full design document available for your perusal. Inside you'll find the aims for the project, how the aquarium will work and all of the rewards you can get.

We're looking for feedback on this document so make sure you get involved over on the forums. Remember, your feedback can change how the aquarium will work so do let us know your ideas and suggestions.

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