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Discussion to the funny future of runescape

May-19-2013 PST

We to seek the aid of many developers, Mod Raven: first Thok saga of developers, Mod Liono: Clockwork Syringe developers, and Mod Wilson, Let Them Eat Pie developers, to assist the Mod Osborne discuss interesting aspect of Runescape. This link will be included in a penguin, pirates and future impressively nonsensical pursue, MOD Wilson is now in the chat. With this, there is a focus on the guest to the penguin mods group discussion, and formal Quickfire roulette function problem.

Please note that this link will contain some game breaker! We strongly recommend that you take a listen to this version. This will allow all fan of RUNESCAPE big full the luck to eat STH delicious. As usual, we'd like to hear your questions about Quickfire roulette future versions of the problem. This is your opportunity to get answers in the upcoming podcast, so have a good think about your problems!

If you are not prepared to, first take a look at this issue of the blog content, and for your question.

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