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Dimension of Disaster 2 hundredth Quest

Mar-24-2015 PST

RuneScape's 2 hundredth quest is here these days and yours to play. Venture forth at once, and enter the Dimension of Disaster!

New Varrock is capital of Associate in Nursing alternate reality, wherever heroes area unit briefly provide and Zemouregal presides over a nation of the undead.

Cross dimensions and explore this strange new city: the dark heart of a Gielinor that would are. Build up the money and kit you would like to complete 5 sub-quests, then finally face the necromancer himself.

Read on for full details of this vast, multi-part quest – and be a part of USA in celebrating this epic RuneScape milestone!


Once you've got spoken to Gypsy Aris and stepped through the portal, it is time to require a glance around.

New Varrock bears several similarities to the town you recognize thus well, however a scarcity of valour has left it wanting significantly totally different.


Your goal is to complete all four of the sub-quests found throughout the town. Check the map for begin locations. for 3 of those, you want to have completed its equivalent quest in Gielinor correct. The exception is that the New Varrock version of Demon human, which needs Shadow of the Storm.

You can't take any gear through the portal with you, thus you'll have to tool up once you are there. Use your skills and combat superior skill to create cash (a currency known as 'zemomarks') and acquire instrumentation – by creating it, or shopping for it from the retailers.

Activities to contemplate include:

pillage treasure chests (requires lockpick)
finishing New Varrock Tasks (Talk to small Zemouregal in New Varrock Square)
Killing or pickpocketing New Varrock voters
Killing New Varrock guards
commerce things to retailers
finishing sub-quests (some award zemomarks)
commercialism with alternative players (note that there's no Grand Exchange in New Varrock)

Note that your worn inventory and backpack contents area unit saved if you allow New Varrock – although you are continuance the hunt.

Beyond that, it's all the way down to you. mire in, explore, and commemorate discovering New Varrock's secrets for yourselves!

Rewards and Post-Quest Content

Completing the sub-quests awards you with XP in an exceedingly big selection of skills. Some conjointly provide you with zemomarks or alternative helpful things.

The New Varrock Tasks have some sweet rewards too, together with exaggerated zemomarks for finishing New Varrock's Curse of Arrav, and upgrades at every tier for the Varrock Task Set armour.

Dimensions of Disaster is RuneScape's second replayable quest. Once you end it by finishing the 5 sub-quests and chatting with Aris back in Varrock, you may unlock a gift look and also the choice to reset the hunt. keep in mind that you will keep your hard-won New Varrock things, even across quest resets.

Note that you will solely get XP and quest points on your initial run through. All alternative rewards area unit given every time, though.

The reward look accepts solely silver pennies. you may get a number of these for finishing Dimension of Disaster the primary time, and with every repetition.

First up among the reward on supply is Associate in Nursing upgrade to Darklight, increasing its harm, accuracy and special attack bonuses against demons. If you've got unsecured the faster Killing Blows passive with human points, Darklight will operate as a rock hammer.

There are cosmetic overrides associated with the hunt – a number of that operate as helpful disguises for future playthroughs. there is conjointly a small Zemouregal bobblehead pet, passives which might speed up future runs through the hunt, and a weekly XP lamp (which are often improved with the New Varrock Tasks).


Completing the 2 hundredth quest is Associate in Nursing epic endeavour, and there is lots to ascertain and kill the town of recent Varrock. we have a tendency to advocate taking it slow, and absorbing the sights.

Dimension of Disaster may be a celebration of RuneScape questing, and it's filled with homesick nods, jokes and Easter eggs. we have a tendency to hope you will have the maximum amount fun discovering them as we have a tendency to did creating them.

Enjoy, and here's to two hundred a lot of quests! Head over to the forums to affix within the discussion.

The RuneScape 'Guardians' Team

Your prime ten Quests

The votes area unit certain  your prime ten quests of all time. Six JMods met to speak concerning your selections, and to envision RuneScape's questing history:


Solomon's Store – Arrav Outfit

Adopt some New Varrock stylish with the Arrav outfit – a gloriously morbid tribute to the undead somebody.

This five-piece outfit adds a touch of late panache to any wardrobe.

Note that this outfit permits you to adopt Arrav's look, and is totally different from the assorted Arrav-related overrides unlockable once finishing Dimension for Disaster, that fit Arrav's gear, as worn by the player.

Purchasing this pack Associate in Nursingd unlocking all of the Arrav quest overrides can grant you an upgraded version of the Solomon's Store outfit: the Cursed Arrav outfit, complete with further one-handed brand and defend overrides!

Get the Arrav outfit from Solomon's Store! you'll be able to purchase RuneCoins via the web site, or redeem Bonds in-game.
In alternative News

variety of updates are created to existing content associated with Dimension of Disaster:

Silverlight and Darklight are diagrammatically updated.

The defend of Arrav has been diagrammatically updated.
Silverlight's and Darklight's bonuses currently have an effect on a lot of forms of demons, together with imps, gargoyles, hellhounds, demon spawn, blood reavers, Kal'gerion demons, nechryael, waterfiends and icefiends.
Decoder strips will currently be dragged and born in interface throughout Curse of Arrav and Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
Denath's cultists in Demon human area unit currently sporting a brand new gown style.
The Varrock newspaper has been updated.
Resetting Defender of Varrock and Curse of Arrav by chatting with Nastroth will reset progress in Dimension of Disaster.
The Community Team are going to be showcasing the 2 hundredth quest all told its glory tonight. Tune into our Twitch channel between 18:00 and 19:00 Greenwich Time (game time) to observe, and to seek out out however you'll be able to become involved in Questival this week!

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