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Deathmatch safe PvP with awesome rewards

Sep-29-2016 PST

The Crucible has become closed, so visit Edgeville and type inside the new Deathmatch Arena (it’s within the same location) for revitalised safe-death PvP. Deathmatch is a brilliant method of learn the ropes of PvP in RuneScape while earning awesome rewards - new and old.


Battle opponents, earn points for your kills and assists and - to begin with - have some fun!

How to Play


Join a match while using the Deathmatch sign-up board within the new Deathmatch Arena and select which tier you need to fight at. The queue might even divide people according to whether they play Evolution of Combat or Legacy mode.


The winner inside the match may be the first to PK their method of 50 kills, so that you can the player that has the most kills inside the 10-minute time period. In order to become credited having a kill you will need taken at least 60% within the lifepoints inside the player who dies. You will likely be

credited by having an assist within the event find out about an inferior however lots of damage fot it killed player.


If you die, you'll respawn within the safe part within the arena. When you re-enter, you'll be temporarily protected against damage. The safe zones have bank facilities to restock, bandage tables to sew yourself together together by having an altar that you need to recharge.


Check round the arena within the match for the glowing power ups and super power ups, including powerful temporary armour, cabbage serious amounts of the self-explanatory chicken army that will help you edge your opponents.

Supreme Hunter


In particularly big matches of at least 20 players, the Supreme Hunter mechanic will come into effect, bringing another twist to Deathmatch. Look out for the notification the Essence of Death has spawned within the arena.


When you type inside the proximity within the Essence of Death, a brand new bar appraise the face that fills up as you remain nearby. The first player to fill the bar end up the Supreme Hunter. As everyone’s bar is displayed, to accomplish your best to avoid the leader from becoming Supreme Hunter.

Better still, within the event you kill someone who is standing near the Essence, you'll get half of their bar.


Becoming Supreme Hunter may well be a honour and you'll receive suitable weapons and appearance for the role. Your name will likely be broadcast within the arena. , and you'll be powerful enough to battle the waves of players who'll doubtless try to take you out.


Utilise the special attack within your Supreme Hunter weapons to fend opponents off. This summons 10 souls to battle for you. For each soul that's alive you'll receive 10% damage reduction, meaning the Supreme Hunter has 100% damage reduction while all souls are alive. Bear this within your mind

when taking them out!

Reward System


Based within your personal performance in matches, you'll earn points which can be spent within the Reward Shop. Up for grabs include useful such things as the ability to create ancient teletabs, a cosmetic Supreme Hunter helmet, together with loads of useful goodies that can help out while using

the upcoming PvP content – Bounty Hunter. These vary from tier 65 power armour sets to food rewards that may keep down those pesky PvP costs and supply a jump start when that content drops.


The old rewards from The Crucible might even still be available in this Reward Shop – so don’t fear if you need to pick those up.


But for your time being, enjoy getting stuck directly into Deathmatch!


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