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Day 5 of super september together with community event

Sep-06-2013 PST

On September 5, 2013, the challenge is Mad Skills, that means training at least 15 different Skills in one day. Each super challenge, will reward you with XP and continuous super hero can see the part of the active, and finish today's challenges you will be able to get every five times after super hero as the theme of the reward.

Greetings, Scapers! A week, another round of community - a week! We already have a super great daily challenges in September, our first divination 99 s and - of course - the loyalty of a new shop update! In order to help you the wind from all these activities from the community, some new message here!


Jagex people flocking to the Twitter chat with you to the junk mail each other, and all things Runescape! Now, you can find our new, special BBS theme Jagex a list of all the staff of the Twitter account. Do you support Zamorak? Don't understand why someone would follow SEREN? Then check the messenger to vote, to see how your loyalty involves others!


If you are a fan music in the game, and then check out the interview of classic FM, in which he talked about the composer James hannigan - among other things - about shanda's work, he made in 3 Runescape! Deviant artists found some epic Strengthofthesun skills, and the description of filth Verac's iconic armor sets. If this is not an impressive enough to show talent, the picture here is only a first draft!


If you are more than one class, like the burning of large pieces of rock into the air suspension following, then check out singular artists Deilan12 grest below the picture!! Before disappearing into the ether and become one with Guthix, don't forget, you can catch up with the latest podcast than Runescape RuneRadio BST this Thursday at 9 PM or catch up from last Friday on iTunes!


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