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Community event highlights on July 11

Jul-12-2013 PST

This week, your loyal community office team are recorded in the plot as the theme of the new podcast series! On July 11, 9 PM (BST) your browser is set to RuneRadio, to listen to team members about their Gods Runescape. If you missed this week's radio, you can check out the archive here (and all previous plot), or after the broadcast to listen on iTunes.

This weekend on July 14, toxic is back in the second phase of the "Find Me This" event! This is a pure event based on skilling, and welcome you all to attend. Check out how the event thread of work for more information, and how to access. If the battle is your style, RuneHQ events team running a few at the end of the week. On Saturday, July 13, you can go to some pesticides, 14, (Sunday) to see deploying troops! Check-out theRuneHQ event thread on all the details of the BBS.

Very close to our 2013 RuneZone SummerBeat events. Check out this video to enjoy the things in the shop! Tip. It have a brand new copy of the available Tip. It times. This issue includes an interesting article "refused to skills, start a new story, is also a crossword puzzle!

After years of thorough research, Lornle has recorded the whole rock crab in the moving drama of life. Head out kiln! Really cool posters by Thespicyhole. LegendArts always busy, good, more legendary art creation again! These wonderful interpretation: the war two reliable summon demon pet turtle and unicorn steed.

If you have some wonderful works of art, you want to share with you, why don't you take a look at our society deviantART? You will find like-minded artists Runescape load dream-like images. This is all activities of this week, but don't worry! We will come back next week, more news and community contributions from all over the world.