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Collect Skilling Outfits on Treasure Hunter and Two Modes in Chatbox

Aug-15-2017 PST

This week Treasure Hunter brings skilling outfits to collect in minigames and new options to display your chatbox. Besides, remember buying cheap rs gold with 3% extra gold "SP3EG" or 5% off "RSSP5" on Rsgoldfast.


Collect Skilling Outfits in Minigames


You can collect skilling outfits except the corresponding headpiece-enhancement items when you play particular minigames or D&D:


1. Artisan (Crafting): Stealing Creation – Bought from reward shop


2. Blacksmith (Smithing): Artisans' Workshop – Random chance when successfully smithing ceremonial swords – increased if you get it perfect.


3. Botanist (Herblore): Flash Powder Factory – Bought from reward shop


4. Farmer (Farming): Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza – Bought from reward shop


5. Fletcher (Fletching): Stealing Creation – Bought from reward shop


6. Nimble (Agility): The Pit – Random chance on completion (successful or not)


It is possible for Ironman players to play Stealing Creation as well as make the Crafting and Fletching outfits. However, the other rewards in the Stealing Creation Reward Shop can't be obtainable for Ironman players.


Two Modes in Chatbox


There are two modes in the chatbox. It can be changeable if you click the new icon in the chat interface and select switch mode. When you choose the first mode, you will notice the old hamburger icon with a cog has been replaced and the filter button has been moved to the right. The second mode has a range of the most-used options with the rest just a click away in the options cog. In this mode, you can also collapse the icons at the top, if you want to keep it really tidy.


Rsgoldfast Team