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Coinshare world map and new tutorials

Nov-28-2013 PST
Update today's three include everyone.First appearance, and update Coinshare, make high level boss battle groups enjoy fairness and convenience Coinshare not bring negative impact on the economy. Next, we first to upgrade to the map of the world to make this important interface nearly instantaneous load and slick.Finally, we give new players a new tutorial whistle of one-stop travel the playability of the game Runescape, path system lead to the best rookie game provided the content of the front.


Coinshare is the manner in which a craze for everyone can quickly when fighting in a group of friends, a fair return.So far, though, it caused some problems, for Runescape economy, because it means the special valuables are in setting the price to sell more, they will than other ways.Today's change to solve this problem, without sacrificing the conveniences and fairness, the system greatly.


Under the new system, some valuable drops into pieces, instead of a coin.Each project is decomposed into the 120 and the average distribution in all eligible players.These will be sent directly to the player's bank, then you can on each player's choice of the price to be sold in the big exchanges.So those who buy these valuables in the market can buy the whole project, or to buy 120 pieces, and combine to make a choice between them.In this way, everyone use Coinshare get precious drop their cutting, at the same time let the drops in the natural economy work in Runescape.


Today saw a series of world map improved techniques and tools, to make it become the indispensable tool of risk is also should.It looks great, too!As you can see, we have brought a new visual style, and smooth the font, so they are easier to read.The biggest changes are under the hood, though.Map may take as long as 10 seconds before loading, we are clever background of streaming media technology development means that now seems almost instantly.It won't slow down your machine, or, in most of the hardware to run on a solid 50 frames per second.For the new world map technology behind the further details, please mod JENESIS dev blog.This is just the beginning, and further improve the upcoming world map.Pay attention to from the department of defense colin upcoming dev blog!


At the same time or other, we are constantly have new players, this means that a tutorial: suit up, in order to solve the tutorial island, on the basis of unstable defeat the dragon, just troll invasion.As to our commitment to bring new adventurers part of Gielinor, all we have been together, we have learned to create Ashdale: our new gaming experience.


Ashdale traced back to the root of the runescape: this is a brand new tutorial islands, where each new players will begin their adventure runescape. Custom show the game Runescape, through many aspects of Ashdale operation will introduce young adventurer combat, skill training and boss battles in a simple and intuitive way, by experienced adventurer Gudrik guidance. We hope the new players in thick action, as soon as possible, so we Ashdale fastest tutorial?


When it did so, though, path system takes over. Through adventure interface to access the system to new players the best early novice content and essential tasks. If you are not a new player, but want to own, head to the Taverley experience Ashdale and visit Gudrik in his house is in the south of the town.


Have anything here to let everyone experience runescape easier, more fun. As always, give us your feedback on the BBS, and look forward to for the defense department's monthly mark behind the article later this week! Just for more Runescape Gold update news from