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Christmas Speech 2016 declaration

Dec-25-2015 PST

Christmas Quest Pt 4


It's once more that point of year once the Jagex workplace gets spookily quiet, the Christmas vacation event winds down (penguin onesie!) and that we come back home for presents, smart cheer and full bellies. It all makes for the proper time for the Christmas Speech!


From all folks at Jagex (most of whom ar driving home for Christmas) we tend to would like you a really merry Christmas! Your enthusiasm has unbroken RuneScape going robust for one more year, and that we ar terribly, terribly lucky to own players as dedicated and choleric as you.


You have allow us to recognize once things ar nice (Dimension of Disaster, Boss Pets, Lord of Vampyrium) and once things haven't been quite as nice (Darklight and a handful of others we cannot linger on). we tend to ar wiser and additional determined to try and do right by you within the New Year. Let’s build each update worthy and keep the sport in progressively good condition. many thanks all!


As for 2016, it's onerous to underestimate simply however excited we tend to ar regarding it. i do know we are saying that each year, however this one feels a trifle completely different. There ar 2 massive reasons for that.


The first is that RuneScape is, crazily, nearly fifteen years recent. fifteen years! we tend to pass that massive milestone on the fourth of January. it's given America perspective on what this small game, born within the Gowers' basement, means that to numerous. RuneScape has defied all odds to be around and relevant for thus long, and it's given America all a revived enthusiasm to stay going robust for one more fifteen.


You can make certain that we'll be celebrating massive in 2016, and also the fourth of January is simply the beginning. you'll be able to expect goodies aplenty on the large day. Over the year we'll open RuneScape Classic, unleash a feature-length documentary covering the full of RuneScape’s 15-year history, and produce you update once update, every creating America tearful for the times of RuneScape-past. God Wars Dungeon two is each homesick and new (we’re going hell-for-leather to form certain that update’s awesome), whereas a Mining and Smithing retread can bring the like to 2 of our oldest skills. to not mention the Gower Quest that has given America the chance to figure with saint and Paul (the original creators of RuneScape) once again!


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Activity time: Dec 21st 2015 - Dec 28th 2015